SWAS Programme Purpose & Philosophy

The SWAS Programme provides the opportunity to development business opportunities and personal growth.

At SWAS we strongly believe in the power of networking and sharing knowledge to grow business and prosper. That is why we want to create ample opportunity for our members to meet new people and hear about the latest trends in the industry. The programme calendar features monthly network evenings with an industry related guest speaker, quarterly casual meet and greet sessions, study tours, business/mission trips and trade fair participation.


The atmosphere at SWAS creates a feeling of community among its members. SWAS will represent the Spa and Wellness Industry as a whole and tries to bridge the cap between the Spa and Wellness philosophies to actively promote a total health and wellbeing approach.



SWAS wants to create a platform for its members to reach out to the masses through active promotion of its members at various fairs, trade events, network opportunities, and business missions



Through active promotion, SWAS reaches out to the masses and aims to educate the public about the Spa and Wellness Industry


Strategic Intent of SWAS Programme

SWAS Programme aims to provide the highest quality community-based spa and wellness programmes to meet the needs and develop the full potential of its members and the public.


Key goals

SWAS Programme organises monthly network evenings, workshops and business opportunities to help its members gather more knowledge and understanding and actively promote its members. It is dedicated to create ways for its members to expand business and offer business solutions.