Individual Membership

Professional Member (S$180 p.a.)

Individuals directly involved in the provision of Beauty, Spa and/or Wellness services are eligible for Professional membership in the Association. Professional Members shall include Directors, Managers, Consultants, Teachers & Trainers, Registered Practitioners, Certified Therapists working in the Beauty, Spa or Wellness business. Medical Doctors, Complementary/Alternative Health Practitioners, Certified Bodywork, Yoga and Fitness Instructors or other suitable professionals as determined by the Association may also join as Professional Members.  Professional Members have individual voting rights.

Provisional Member (S$120 p.a.)

Individuals who have completed a recognized course of study leading to, however pending issuance of, certification as a therapist are eligible for Provisional membership in the Association. Provisional membership is limited to a maximum duration of one (1) years, after which the Provisional Member may upgrade to a Professional Member. Provisional members do not have voting right.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership (S$360 p.a.)

Corporations involved in the provision of the Beauty, Spa and/or Wellness services are eligible for Corporate membership in the Association.  Corporate Members shall include registered businesses owning, operating and managing Beauty (including face, body, hair and nails), Spas, Massage Establishments, Health Clubs & Centres, Gyms, Yoga Studios, Clinics and other Wellness entities as determined by the Association.   Each Corporate Member shall entitle to two (2) representatives with voting rights in the Association.

Associate Membership (S$300 p.a.)

Corporations involved in the trading, import & export, wholesale and retail of Beauty, Spa and/or Wellness products, Gym and Fitness Product & Equipment Suppliers, Spa Designers, Media, Hotels, Government, Tourism and other Professional service providers or businesses and those with an interest in the Wellness industry, but not directly involved in delivering the Beauty, Spa and Wellness Services to consumers. Associate Members shall entitle to one (1) representative with voting rights in the Association