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SRCT’s pledge to Consumers

The SWAS Registry of Complementary Therapist is a free public service provided to facilitate reference only. SWAS and SRCT work closely with all relevant stakeholders to verify supplied information on qualifications and competencies. SWAS and SRCT will strive to provide accurate information and verify available information within our ability.

Limitation of Responsibility

SWAS and SRCT shall not be held liable for incorrect information provided by third parties and/or for omission and errors in the process of registration, research, recommendation and review. The public is strongly advised to use personal discretion and shall be responsible for the outcome of any decision and risk undertaken.

SRCT does not cover the following:

  • Therapists, Practitioners and Businesses not registered with SRCT
  • Fess, terms and conditions of purchase
  • Financial transactions
  • Warranty of performance not related to competency
  • Matters not related to Complementary Therapy