Spa and Wellness Association Singapore (SWAS) was founded in 2004 in response to the need of an association to reach out to all sectors of the Beauty & Wellness Industry. In 2021, the association was renamed to Specialists in Wellness Association Singapore (SWAS) to better represent the industry.

Over the years, the Specialists in Wellness Association Singapore has developed from an interest group representing Beauty & Wellness establishments to a confederation of trade groups representing stakeholders within the framework of the Beauty & Wellness Industry. The association actively promotes the business interests of all stakeholders in Wellness, Beauty, Hair, Nail and associated Holistic Care services.

SWAS’ Objectives in Serving the Industry

  • Enhance Growth of the Industry and trade groups by providing strong support for businesses to improve image, develop qualify service and increase clients
  • Foster continuous education and skills development amongst members to boost competencies and standards to advance career and/or business
  • Present a platform for industry players to augment knowledge and business opportunities
  • Facilitate communication and information amongst Stakeholders, Government Agencies, Trade Bodies and other organisations to improve and promote business excellence.

SWAS Key Focuses Stand on Four Pillars of Success


Raising standards to nurture stronger businesses and better client service.


Creating a platform for industry players to share their knowledge and grow business.


Educating its members to fill the gap and offer career or business opportunities.


Being an access point to industry/market research and gateway into government bodies and other association.

SWAS’ Milestones

Raising industry standards and insurance scheme for wellness and related service providers

SWAS has worked relentlessly over the last few years to nurture the image of and build consumer confidence in its members and the industry at large. Enormous efforts were made to engage various government agencies and organizations including Spring, NEA, PLD, IDA, CASE etc. in dialogue to provide information, exchange views in order to help improve business conditions and promote good practices within the industry. SWAS works closely with Case Trust in Spa Accreditation as well as advance management and controls of business practices of spa establishments.


Educational Opportunities and Training Programmes

SWAS firmly believes in continuous education for the betterment of its members and the industry and have organised several workshops and seminars both locally and internationally.



Networking Opportunities

SWAS has established a large network with the Chamber of Beauty Culture and Cosmetics and the Federation of Industry and Commerce in Hangzhou.

With its local and several other international networks established in the region, SWAS reaches out to a wider market for its members.


Participation in International Trade Shows

Many members have benefited from participating in the various international trade shows in which SWAS has led the Singapore pavilion. SWAS strives to bring its members more international opportunities through similar platforms. To date, SWAS is among the leading and most active associations in leading the number of Singapore pavilions in the beauty, spa and wellness international trade shows from Singapore to Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Middle East and Europe.


Mission Trips

SWAS is also actively looking out for opportunities through organising of mission trips to increase trade opportunities for the benefits of our members.

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