About SWAS Membership

Specialists in Wellness and Association Singapore is dedicated to serving business and professional development needs of all stakeholders in the Wellness Industry in Singapore. Rapid growth of various sectors in the industry including Beauty, Hair, Nail, Spa, Massage and other Complementary Therapy services over the last decade have intensified competition in each sector, accelerating the need to upgrade knowledge and skills to meet new challenges and technological advancements in the industry globally.

As the representative of stakeholders, SWAS has taken on many initiatives and responsibilities to ensure progress and growth in individual sectors as well as the Wellness Industry in general.

Amongst other things, SWAS actively promotes Holistic Wellness, the integration of various aspects of wellbeing to live well. SWAS actively supports Global Wellness activities and coordinates activities amongst members to promote greater public and consumer awareness of how to live well, enhancing public relations for our members and benefiting the entire industry.

SWAS believes in continuous development of skills and competencies to support business growth. Through recognitions and empowerment of well-trained therapists and specialists in various sectors of the Wellness Industry, SWAS hope to raise customer satisfaction levels with our members as a means to increase revenue and profits.

SWAS welcome all stakeholders in the Wellness Industry to join as members and have created different categories of membership to embrace any and all stakeholders.

We invite you to be a part of Singapore’s Association for the Wellness Industry.