The Wellness Industry is experiencing rapid growth as consumers are embracing new technologies, treatments, services and products to promote wellbeing, especially in anti-age and beauty enhancement. 

New technologies using strong energies to boost efficacies are gradually replacing many older methods in beauty, hair, slimming and aesthetic treatments. As more powerful treatments are introduced, questions about consumer safety and accountability of the service provider intensify. Powerful devices increase the risk of injuries, harm, permanent disfiguration and even fatal accidents.

SWAS works closely with the Ministry of Health, ESG and education bodies to enhance consumer safety by elevating the knowledge and skills of therapists. A National Wellness Industry standard is also being developed to benchmark competencies. SWAS can provide the direction and support to you and your business to enhance long term competitiveness and development.

SWAS is dedicated to promoting sustainable growth.  SWAS makes a difference to your business.  If you are not a member, join now.

Edward Wong