Pearson BTEC Competency Units and Qualifications for the Wellness Industry

SWAS signed a MOU with Pearson Education UK to develop Competencies for Singapore’s Wellness Industry in December 2017. The main objective was to tap on Pearson’s vast resources and the globally recognised BTEC qualifications to enhance Vocational skills of stakeholders in the Wellness industry.

About BTEC Pearson Qualification
About Pearson
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Pearson BTEC contextualizes Training according to Job & Proficiency Requirements
Level 1-3 BTEC Specialists

qualifications boast career prospects with the skills, knowledge and understanding that employers look for.

At Level 4-7, our BTEC Professional

qualifications further enhance learners’ work experience so they can improve their professional practice and take that next step in the workplace

SWAS and Pearson partner to promote capabilities in the Wellness Industry

Course Module

Review through the list of courses below and enquire the course details with the Licensed Delivery Partners (LDPs)

Code Course Name Licensed Delivery Partner
2131L Dermatology And Microbiology Singapore Spa Institute Pte Ltd
22135L Laser & Light Treatments For Skin Singapore Spa Institute Pte Ltd
22140L Reflexology For Beauty Therapy Singapore Spa Institute Pte Ltd
50323N Body Massage Singapore Spa Institute Pte Ltd
50324N Facial Skincare Revival Academy / Singapore Spa Institute Pte Ltd
50329N Introduction to Reflexology Singapore Spa Institute Pte Ltd
BTEC Structure
International Level 3 Specialist Diploma & Certificates in Beauty Therapy Techniques
Training Hours 510 including OJT & Assignments to qualify for Diploma. Training Organisation may offer individual units leading to a Unit Certificate.

Unit Description Credit Level
Mandatory Units (Business Knowledge)
1 Monitor and Maintain Health and Safety Practice in the Salon 30 GLH 6
2 Client Care and Communication in Beauty Related Industries 30 GLH 3
3 Promote and Sell Products and Services to Clients 30 GLH 3
4 Body Massage 120 GLH 3
Total Mandatory Units 240 GLH 3
Beauty Treatments & Services
5 Facial Skincare 90 GLH 6
6 Apply Make-up 40 GLH 3
7 Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments 40 GLH 3
8 Spa Manicure Treatment 40 GLH 3
9 Hair Removal Using Waxing Techniques 40 GLH 3
10 Introduction to Reflexology 90 GLH 3
11 Start Up a Beauty Business 60 GLH 3
International Level 4 Specialist Diploma in Complementary Therapy
Training Hours 600 including OJT & Assignments to qualify for Diploma. Training Organisation may offer individual units leading to a Unit Certificate.

Unit Description Credit Level
Mandatory Units
1 Physiology of Ageing 100 GLH 4
2 Dermatology and Microbiology 50 GLH 3
3 Scientific Principles for Beauty Therapy 60 GLH 3
Total Mandatory Units 210 GLH
Optional units
4 Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Wellbeing 150 GLH 4
5 Human Health & Nutrition 150 GLH 4
6 Laser & Light Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation 100 GLH 4
7 Advanced Epilation Techniques 70 GLH 4
8 Hair & Scalp Specialised Services 90 GLH 4
9 Chemistry of Hair and Beauty Products 140 GLH 5
10 Aromatherapy for Beauty Therapy 150 GLH 5
11 Reflexology for Beauty Therapy 150 GLH 5
List of Licensed (Training) Delivery Partners
Beauty Forever Learning Hub Pte Ltd
Beauty Forever Learning Hub provides a salon environment and quality training for her students who will fit well immediately in the beauty and spa industry after graduation from their courses. Our trainers are well-equipped with trainer qualifications, relevant internationally recognized beauty & spa diplomas, and diplomas on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.
Contact Person: Mr. Christopher Koh
Contact No: 6336 0901
Revival Academy
Our educational institute, called Revival Academy, is a specialized training center that offers courses and programs focused on grooming and presentation for front line service jobs. The target market is individuals who aspire to work in the hospitality, retail and other customer-facing industries.


The courses and programs at Revival Academy will cover a range of topics related to personal grooming, hygiene, dress code, and behaviour, including verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The goal is to help students develop a professional and polished image that will help them stand out in competitive job market and excel in their future careers.

To deliver these courses and programs, we have experienced trainers who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of grooming and presentation. We will also invest in state-of-the-art training facilities and equipment to ensure that our students receive the best possible training. Our unique preposition will be focused on practical skills development, individualized attention and job placement services. These courses will be designed to meet the needs of individuals working in different industries, including hospitality, tourism, retail, massage therapy, and healthcare.

Contact Person: Benjamin Fong
Contact No: 9189 6838
Download Company Brochure
Singapore Spa Institute Pte Ltd
Singapore SPA Institute (SSI) Pte Ltd was established in 1997 with a mission to be the leading training institute of the spa, beauty, and wellness industry in the region as well as healthcare service especially on Mothercare courses like post-natal care and confinement care services. Thus our goal has been to raise the professionalism and standards of the spa, beauty, wellness and healthcare industry through quality training and education.


While its historical focus has been providing consultancy, training, and assessment in related industry, with a particular focus on spa therapists’ knowledge include pre/post natal massage, as well as caregiver skills and knowledge in Mothercare/ Confinement and post natal care services. Singapore Spa Institute has transformed herself over the years to become one of the most recognisable names in the industry, offering full qualifications, certifiable courses, short courses and even company-specific contextualised training systems.

Singapore Spa Institute is a Registered Training Provider (RTP, previously known as ATO) approved by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), a registered Private Education Institutions (PEIs) approved by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) (formerly Council for Private Education) and an International BTEC centre offering Pearson qualifications.

Contact Person: Yvette Chiang
Contact No: 9109 7715


Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I get more information for Massage Establishment Licence?
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The SWAS-BTEC, Certificate in Body Massage is one of the courses recognised by the PLRD.

Please refer to this PDF.

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How to register as a Licensed (Training) Delivery Partner ?

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