Yvette Chiang

2nd Vice President
Singapore SPA Institute

Yvette’s forte in product development and training have distinguished Rustic Nirvana in the industry as an innovator of unique “made in Singapore” therapies and touch.

By identifying unique treatments, Yvette would re-invent existing traditional treatments to suit the needs of Rustic Nirvana’s clients.

For example, Yvette came up with the unique Sandstone Therapy, offered exclusively at Rustic Nirvana, after reading an article on how Japanese women underwent detoxification by immersing in beach sand on hot sunny days. Her solution was to offer women a detoxifying process minus the discomfort that came with a bad suntan by immersing women in a tub of heating sand that had been treated with aromatic salts and herbs, all in the comfort of an idyllic, air-conditioned setting.

Yvette is also credited with introducing to Singapore and the world Rustic’s innovative treatments, such as the Chopstick Massage, Kung Fu Bouncing Herb Therapy and Jade Facial using her self-developed techniques, hand tools, and combining traditional herbs and ingredients. To date, these treatments remain Rustic Nirvana’s forte, defining its unique “Singapore Spa” experience.